Exotic Rituals

LurLur Ritual

LurLur is a traditional ritual that originates from Bali. It’s been performed to the princesses before the wedding ceremony. Revitalizing and refreshing, stimulates the circulation, combats oxidation and eliminates toxins and water retention. Skin will be deeply nourished, looking smooth and silky.
The exotic therapy starts with welcoming, refreshing foot bath with aromatic petals and massage. Follows the unique ‘’LurLur treatment’’ (it relaxes the muscles and the joints, acts like a body peeling and polishing). Afterwards your body is ready for the actual massage with mix of cream yogurt (100 percent natural yogurt obtained from the fermentation of the classical lactobacillus bulgaricus; it’s very rich in high quality components such as calcium, vit. A and B, lipids and proteins; hydrates and nourishes, improves elasticity) and choice between mix Tropical fruits (contains extract of papaya, mango and passion fruit. Papaya is a real concentrate of beta-carotenes, vit. C and oligoelements. It contains papaine, a particular enzyme with anti-keratinizing action that smoothes the epidermis, helping the absorption of the active ingredients and giving skin a vital and toned look. Mango is very rich in potassium and vit. A) or Citrus mix (contains hydrolyzed extract of orange, lemon, pink grapefruit, tangerine and lime. These fruits rich in vit. C act like natural anti-oxidants, therefore anti-aging, have a powerful antiseptic property and ability to cheer and to remove stress)
Dive into the exotic and feel like a real .

Bamboo massage ritual

This specific and with an incredible effect massage with bamboo sticks takes the stress away; treats deeply located muscle groups, thus influence pain and muscle fatigue. A bamboo oil is used, rich in bamboo extract (nourishing and restoring) and rose hip oil (rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, that are very important in the regenerating process of the cell’s membrane, therefore in the renewal of skin tissues; Trans-retonic acid which makes skin younger. Rose hip oil is therefore very effective for treating scars, stretch marks and spots caused by aging. Also deeply hydrates the skin, delaying and combating the formation of wrinkles.
All of the above combined with an aroma of a bamboo candle and relaxing music will take you away to the Far East and will make you feel like brand new!



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