Mum-to-be Program

We created and designed this program for the future mums, because we know how important is for them to feel well, calm, relaxed and self-confident about their bodies in this special part of their lives. Feeling well, they will transfer only good and positive vibrations to their future babies. The treatments and the products that we use are completely complied with the stages of your pregnancy and the state of health you are at the moment.

Antistress Packages

This remarkable therapy is created specifically to act upon the consequences of a hectic and full of stress way of life. In this case, when you are pregnant, it will help you unwind and relax. The massage is focused on areas, where tension is frequently accumulated, so it leaves you balanced and revitalized. You can choose amongst the following combinations:

  • Back ,neck and shoulder massage, followed by a quick facial and an extensive scalp and face massage
  • Foot bath with aromatic petals, scrub, followed by foot and lower leg massage, massage on the hands and palms, and finally face, scalp, neck and shoulders massage – something that will melt you away

Feel instantly relaxed, revived, focused and full of energy!

60 min – 40 lv

Beautiful Mums from Gerard’s

Anti-stretch mark and anti-cellulite treatments
We are all acquainted with the possible negative consequences of a pregnancy on the female’s skin. Together with the Gerard’s products we will help you prevent or eventually combat the already existing stretch marks and cellulite. The products that are used in the treatments are natural, give no allergic reactions and harmless for your baby. Contain concentrate of vit.C, vegetal oils, wheat proteins, marine collagen, Hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, which is exposed to a tremendous stretching through the pregnancy.



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