Body treatments

Our body treatments combine care for your skin, body and health, both from inside and from outside. They will leave you completely purified, full of energy and vitality. According to your needs, we will consult and advise you on a treatment that is most suitable for you.

Eco Spa Treatments

A new technology of eco products with a guaranteed quality and high content of active ingredients, extracted in the best laboratories in France, are used in this range. The added fragrances, coloring agents and stabilizers are derived from natural products and completely harmless. The creation of the range is inspired from the combination between the Bulgarian traditions with the modern technology of the 21st century.

Bulgarian Yogurt Treatment

It is an active regenerating, detoxifying and rejuvenating therapy for body and face. Skin is perfectly cleaned, polished and hydrated. Has an instant refreshing and lightening effect. Procedure includes biological exfoliation with yogurt acids, mask with milk proteins, massage and body wrap. The natural yogurt acids, which are derived from the famous Bulgarian yogurt act in the deep layers of the skin through fine ‘’breaking up/shuttering’’ of the sediment ligaments of the epidermis, thus improving skin absorption and texture. Milk proteins visibly amend skin’s elasticity. All of those processes lead to cells renewal. The products contain lactobacillus bulgaricus which rejuvenating effect is tested and proven in the years.

60 min – 45 lv
90 min – 60 lv

Chocolate treatment

This therapy has a deep hydrating, softening, nourishing and regenerating effect. For a silky smooth skin with a long-lasting impact. Designed for body and face. A hundred percent pure chocolate with cocoa oil and cocoa extract is used. The cocoa is rich/abundent in minerals. It contains mineral salts, fighting cellulite; vitamins, that are hydrating the skin; antioxidants, against premature aging; caffeine, that helps reducing overweight and combats water retention; and last, but not least compounds, taking place into endorphin production, which is looking after your good moods and spirits. The treatment includes relaxing foot bath and massage, exfoliation, massage with warm chocolate and body wrap. And while in the last stage the active ingredients are taking care over your skin, we will look after your state of total relaxation by a stress-melting massage face, head and neck massage – pure bliss. Dive into!

60min – 45 lv
90 min – 60 lv

Gerard’s Treatments

Energizing ReMinEssence treatment

Innovation with liquid crystals for regenerating, hydrating, firming and energizing, improves circulation and lymphatic drainage. Designed for body and face. Body exfoliation is performed, where the products contain extract of red seaweed, aloe (hydrates and softens the skin), liquid extract of rhodochrosite , that is rich in manganese (takes place in the synthesis of collagen and elastIn; helps self-defense of the fibroblasts against the cyto-toxic effect of the UVA rays) and corundum (natural oxide, improving the regenerating processes of the cells). Follows massage and body wrap with deep hydrating cream mousse containing liquid extract of malachite (increases the production of collagen and elastin) or with lifting elixir (gives ‘’push-up’’ effect to the skin, tones and firms, improves skin’s elasticity, frames the body contours). Foot massage at the beginning and face, head and neck massage at the end of the treatment will make it even more seductive and will add to your total comfort and relaxation. After the therapy you feel your skin totally purified, deeply hydrated, supple, toned and firm.


Anti cellulite and Modeling Therapy

This therapy has a powerful anti cellulite effect, improves sluggish lymph and blood circulation. Outlines the body contours, drains, reduces the size. The treated parts of the body are prepared by exfoliation with Thermal Gommage(contains thermal oligoelements; seaweed soy and sweet almond proteins) for softening the skin and better absorption of the active ingredients. Through massage the following products are applied consequently: double phase ampoules, anti cellulite gel (contains Iceland Lichen Extract – an efficient protector for blood vessel; birch and ivy extract, vegetal collagen – inhibit the destruction of elastin; Asian Centella – promotes cells oxygenation and microcirculation; Hyaluronic acid) and snelling cream (fights against water retention, contains sage essential oils; lemon, sweet orange, lavender essential oil, caffeine). At the end the green mask is applied (has slimming, remodeling, draining effect; contains completely natural active ingredients; rich in mineral salts and micronized plants, such as Asian Centella, which performs a strong modeling action and Devil’s claws with anti-inflammatory action)With its stimulating effect , the mask not only fights cellulite, but facilitates the absorption of the already applied beforehand products.

40min – 35 lv
Recommended for instant and visible effect – 6 treatments, twice weekly
Package of 6 treatments – 180 lv

Kleraderm - Draining therapy

A concentrated gel produced on the base of mineral salts and seaweeds is used. It has draining, modeling and slimming effect. Acts in all the cases of water retention, that are leading to cellulite, and that are provoking heavy and swollen legs. The concept is based on the osmosis. The difference between the concentration of the salts in the body and the one in the gel permits the elimination of the kept in the body liquids and toxins, left from the disturbed metabolism. A body wrap with the gel is performed, where activators with draining or slimming effect are added. Follows massage with firming massage oil with seaweed extracts.
After the therapy you will feel your body much lighter. Remove the undesired burden!


Therapy with milk and honey

60min. =50lv

90min. =65lv

Therapy with honey and roses

60min. =50lv

90min. =65lv


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